Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Graduation 22102012

Finally I update my bloggie. Too long and no time to blog about my Convocation which held on last month 22102012. Decided to have a pre-convo shooting on the day we went to get our graduation rope because no doubt that there always crowded when finish the convocation session. Pink pink graduation rope, actually I quite like it because it suitable for all gals, sorry for guys... (bt some guys look nice while wearing....)

Did some family shooting at home with my siblings and my family before me and of course my parents heading to studio for normal graduation shooting. I haven't got the copy of the studio, just normal super duper normal graduation shooting without any poser, even don't have my single standing pix! Don't doubt that, I am the one requested because i don't wan stand steel like a robot in front of lighting and camera, hahaha!
I feel that my nephew and niece are super cute:) like going to have CNY soon as adriell was wearing dong dong qiang clothes. Miss both of them very much, luckily I will be going back hometown next week!! fyi, the background is done by me... XD

Some my favorite pixies done by YY:)

I think the most happiness
is not due to the graduation, is a happy moment with beloved friends and family. Don't have a chance to shoot with everyone on my day, but you all know that I heart you all sincerely from my heart! Promise to have one year many many times gathering to keep in touch, siapa wedding mesti invite!!!!

Actual day, my parents are happier than me, don't know why, Maybe the ceremony is just too long, and I was super hungry at that time. but yet still happy!!

Not forget to thanks my beloved godsister, as the driver all the time and i got my cute chopper finally!!!! You granted my wish!! xoxo...

Thanks for all the pressie, there are still some havent shoot, but I love all of them:) got my favourite flowers, favourite gifts, favorite patungs!!!!!

End my post with the passport size pix along with me these 4 years, I used this to display on my graduation ceremony, as a start to the end! 

Happy Graduation everyone!!!

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